Mossat, learning math one step at a time.


One Step At A Time.

Intelligent. Adaptive. Educational.

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Learn Maths. Step By Step.

Instant Assessment & Feedback

Instant assessment and feedback for every step students perform by Mosaat engine. To bring the best learning experience out of Artificial Intelligence.

Advanced Adaptive Learning

Help student learn with tailored questions and learning path, by Mosaat adaptive learning mechanism.

Advanced Mastery Reports

The collected and analysed data will reflect students’ detailed understanding of mathematical concepts and provide clearer insights into their learning progress.

Curated Content

Partnership with publishers to provide a smart e-learning ecosystem. Digitalizing education contents with our Machine Learning engine.


We love tech. We love education. And we love Maths. Let's combine.

Join us if you do :)

Timothy Nguyen
Bao Doan N, Daniel
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Latest articles.

Be with us in our journey, filled with vision and mission.

Mosaat - The Story Behind.

Every innovation started with a creative idea or some pain points to solve. Mosaat, founded in 2018 by Timothy Nguyen and Daniel Doan, is not a different story.

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The Revamp We Need In Edtech.

Living in the Industrial Evolution 4.0, we observe so many upgrades, changes, and disruptions by Technology in many areas. Edtech, is a branch of technology in the domain of Education, widely evolved. At the same time, it comes with some of the toughest obstacles.

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How Mosaat Works?

Mosaat (i.e. “Mathematics - One Step At A Time”, pronounced as /mozart/), at the core proposition, is a platform in which students can practice Maths questions step-by-step

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